Mantra Bars




The Best Mantra Chocolate Bars In California

Indulge the ultimate mushroom chocolate hunt in Mantra Bars with a collection of decadent mushroom chocolate excellence. Each Mantra Shroom chocolate bar is expertly crafted with the finest ingredients and comes in various flavors. From Mantra Bar Immortal to Mantra Bar Euphoria. The Mantra collection of shroom chocolate bars offers something for every psychedelic chocolate lover. Start your delicious tradition today by ordering the ever-flavorful fusion mushroom chocolate bar. We offer these mushroom chocolate bars at the best prices at Road Trip Space to encourage our customers.

Mantra Bars  Exotic Flavors

Mantra Chocolates has a number  of exotic flavors for its consumers to a pick from. These exotic flavors include ;

  •  Mantra Euphoria 
  • Mantra Hero
  • Serenity Mantra
  • Mantra Immortal and
  • Mantra Nootropic

Ingredients in Mantra Bars

Mantra mushroom chocolates have been specially made from a traditional recipe, which features fine quality ingredients and does not include any artificial flavors. The exotic extra creamy Mantra Bar aims to please connoisseurs who enjoy the aroma, taste, and texture of a unique shroom chocolate bar. Mantra Chocolate Bars are an absolute delight. Mantra Bars are composed of naturally occurring mushrooms of the species Lions Mane and turkey tail. These mushroom chocolates also contain the purest of organic cocoa which makes it a premium shroom chocolate chocolate. These mushroom chocolates also contain adaptogenic herbs a secret weapon in these shroom chocolates for a healthy lifestyle. The adaptogen herbs in these mushroom chocolate bars are similar to those in Neautropics Chocolates.

Health Benefits Of Mantra Mushroom Chocolates

  • Enhancing Athletic Performance: Athletes swear by these mushroom chocolates. Find out why buy indulging in Mantra chocolates and be astonished.
  • Anti-Aging Benefits: Want to look younger, the anti-aging secret is in  Mantra Chocolates. Get yourself an amazing experience second to none from these exotic chocolate bars.
  • Unlocking Mental Clarity: Unlock your brain’s full potential with these magic mushroom chocolate bars




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